A strong sex drive is something that every man desires to have for a longer time. It is also an essential part of a happy relationship between the couples. In some ways, men usually try to keep the problem of weak sex drive or erectile dysfunction secret as it could question their sexual ability and become a cause of mental disturbance.

However, there are some ways to improve sexual performance in men that they can be considered without affecting their health. If you are looking for any medications, Suhagra 100mg is an effective solution to improve your sex drive. Before trying any blue pill, consult your health provider first to see if the pill suits your health conditions.

Let us analyze some effective ways that help men to have a strong erection in bed and treat erectile dysfunction as well.

Spend enough time in foreplay:

Foreplay is a part of sexual intercourse that helps men to achieve a strong erection. It is a prerequisite to reach a satisfactory climax that men desire in every session. If you are unable to hold it long after penetration then try to spend more time in foreplay to provoke orgasm. This practice will certainly please your partner in bed and keeps her involved throughout the sex play. Men can try new poses and body positions that involve sensuous kissing, clitoral stimulation, touching, and oral play to raise excitement.

Experts recommend men to take foreplay seriously in order to achieve a strong and satisfactory erection. Some research studies also suggest that a considerable number of men have successfully treated the problem of erectile dysfunction by spending more time in foreplay.

Consider start-stop technique to hold it long:

A long-lasting intercourse is possible with the help of the start-stop technique. In this method, men have to restrict erection just before they find it imminent during intercourse. The start-stop technique demands you hold your ejaculation as long as you can comfortably. Men do not have to strain themselves to stop erection but wait for the right moment when it matters most. Let your partner also enjoy it for making a satisfactory event. If you are unable to hold ejaculation for a bit longer time, you can try Suhagra 100mg. It helps you elevate the sexual excitement and makes it a longer session even with or without start-stop technique.

Try a new method to ignite sexual excitement:

The application of new body positions, new stuff, a new brand of condom and new methods can certainly please your partner during intercourse. No matter how long it goes on but both the partners like to make it happen in a new way with high excitement. Men should understand that sex is not just a routine work but a way to bring happiness and mental satisfaction in the family, so they should try to make their partner feel special by offering a new method if needed.

Spend more time in the relationship:

Both man and women should spend more time together in order to understand and coordinate with each other. It helps them improve their sexual performance and achieve a satisfactory climax. They can try to take part in cooking, watching movies, adventurous sports, shopping or shower to make each other feel comfortable and connected. They can carry the same feeling into the bedroom.

Stay calm and manage anxiety:

Mental stress and anxiety can deteriorate your sexual strength and thereby you fail to maintain a strong sex drive. Men must manage their stress and keep themselves calm in distress for a happy sex life.

Think beyond the bedroom:

Every time you start your sex session in the bedroom, it starts giving you a feeling of the same old environment. You should change your place also; maybe it is your bathroom or drawing room to get a new feeling and this change can help men improve their sexual performance.

Healthy lifestyle for happy sex life:

Your lifestyle is one of the decisive factors that make an impact on the sexual performance. Experts recommend a healthy lifestyle for a happy sex life and perform well in the bed. A healthy lifestyle involves various facets such as:

  • Regular exercise
  • Quit smoking and alcohol
  • Healthy and nutritious diet
  • Quality sleep
  • Meditation
  • Healthy living environment