Hiforce 25 mg Sildenafil Citrate Tablets

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Hiforce 25mg is a brand of Healing Pharma India Ltd. The intention of using this medicine is to provide you with a temporary cure for the problem of erectile dysfunction.

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Overview of Hiforce 25mg

Hiforce 25mg is a brand of Healing Pharma India Ltd. The intention of using this medicine is to provide you with a temporary cure for the problem of erectile dysfunction.

It has an equivalent amount of dose of Sildenafil which is 25mg which is the smallest dose of the medicine providing you to cater for around 4 hours of erectile hardness action.

Doctors will recommend a basic list of precautions for your health such that while maintaining the precautions you can always adhere to safe health.

What Is Hiforce 25mg?

Hiforce 25 mg is a medicine intending to bring about a hard erection. although the medicine may work among all males it is ideal for use in someone who is suffering from erectile dysfunction.

The medicine will only bring about its assisting powers to enable a hard erection in you. the ideal age group for males who can ideally take in the pills should be falling with the age groups of 18 to 64 years.


Healing Pharma owns the patenting and distributing rights to use the brand name for any purpose. It makes use of this brand name for exporting and distributing the medicines in India which is its home country. The company along with ED is also present in several other dose verticals where it manufactures various types of pills.


The composite substance that is present in the pills is the substance known as Sildenafil. This is from the family of PDE-5 hormone inhibiting group of pills that will work to increase the flow of blood to your penis tissues post giving a vasodilation effect.

Working of Hiforce 25mg

The working effects of the Hiforce 25mg begin with the ejection of Sildenafil. Then the next stage for Sildenafil is to inhibit the PDE-5 hormones. once the PDE-5 hormones have inhibited another hormone will take its place. Initially, the GMP hormone will secrete but due to its unstable structure, it will transform itself into the more stable cGMP hormone.

cGMP begins triggers of this vasodilation effect that will raise the blood flow capacities through the tissues of the penis region. A rise in penis sensitivity by this time is what will lead you to have erectile hardness.

How To Take Hiforce 25mg 

Hiforce 25mg is the medicine you need to take with water. Alcohol or the use of grape juice is not good since both of the substances may form chances of contraindications and thus lead you to have side effects.

Taking in the pills one must have it at least 30 minute before Having sex. you may decide on your own time as to when you will like to have your daily pill.

Precaution Taking Before Hiforce 25mg

The basic precautions for safety include avoiding chances of overdose or missed dose. We also do not recommend you to take medicines that may work like an alpha-blocker pill or a nitrate derivative compound since these pills have contraindication forming abilities and thus it might bring in side effects. Patients also need to mention other details about existing disorders to the doctors.

Benefits of Using Hiforce 25mg

Hiforce 25mg is a small dose. the benefit of using a small dose is good initially As doctors will want to figure out just what is the right dose to administer to a patient. Even with the small dose, one may have an erection for up to 4 hours.

Dosage Of Hiforce 25mg

The dosage of Hiforce 25mg as we told you above is the smallest starting dose. If you have a very mild instance of ED doctors will generally like to prescribe you this dose. If not then you also have other doses. But do not change your dose and that too without the recommendation of the doctors. The highest dose for Hiforce 25mg is the 200mg dose.


The chances of having an overdose even with the smallest dose are very rare. Anyways a person who is not able to suit to using Sildenafil even in the smallest dose may have a generic allergic tendency to the use of the substance. In such a case doctors must prescribe to patients on the use of another generic substance brand.

Miss Dose

Avoid missing out on doses. If you miss having doses at your scheduled time then it is going to be difficult for you to enable a consistent amount of Sildenafil to have an erection. Remember that in the absence of Sildenafil you may not be able to have a strong erection.

Avoid To Take Hiforce 25mg

Do not have a dose of Hiforce 25mg if it is allergic to you. Sometimes if you witness pain and discomfort on the occurrence of any side effect then it may cause problems to you in the form of side effects. Remember that due to you having contradicting pills or the use of substances like alcohol there are equal chances of having side effects.

Side Effects of Hiforce 25mg

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Chest pain
  • Fall of blood pressure
  • Lower libido
  • Priapism

As we told you above that the intensity of side effects can be high on a person who is generally not suitable for using and adapting to the dose of generic Sildenafil. Having two or more pills can also increase the Chance of Have Side Effects. You must avoid having more than one pill per day.


Hiforce 25mg is a dose of Generic Sildenafil to curate erectile hardness. it has the substance generic Sildenafil in it. This is a substance that will work on the mechanisms of having vasodilation induction to produce a hard erection. ED is only curable for a time being with the use of the pills.


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