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Lovegra Oral Jelly is a medication specifically designed for women to help improve sexual performance and treat female sexual dysfunction. It contains Sildenafil Citrate, the same active ingredient found in Viagra, and works by increasing blood flow to the genital area.

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Why is Lovegra oral jelly called 'Female Viagra'?

Lovegra oral jelly 100 mg is the best drug for females who are suffering from female sexual arousal disorder (FSAD) and Female sexual dysfunction (FSD). It provides a huge influx of blood flow to the clitoris area and gives long-lasting pleasure to women. That's why it is also called 'female Viagra'.

What are the usages of Lovegra oral jelly 100 mg?

·         Treating female sexual arousal disorder (FSAD)

·         Treating female sexual dysfunction (FSD)

·         Providing blood flow inside woman's clitoris

·         Working on the insensitive vagina

What happens when a female takes Lovegra oral jelly 100 mg?

When females take Lovegra oral jelly, it increases blood flow to women's genital organs. Female sildenafil citrate helps women to achieve sexual pleasure and attain orgasm. Sildenafil enhances normal testosterone levels in women by engorging their clitoris with massive blood. It helps women to get orgasm.

How to use Lovegra Oral Jelly 100 mg?

Take this oral jelly under the tongue and let it be dissolved by itself.  It melts very fast and it is absorbed by the body 30 minutes after taking the medication. It can work 2-3 hours after taking the Lovegra oral jelly 100mg.

Dosage of Lovegra oral jelly

Lovegra oral jelly comes in the sachet form. One sachet of Lovegra oral jelly contains 100 mg of Sildenafil Citrate. One sachet per day is the recommended dose for women. Consult with an expert healthcare professional for the actual dose and duration.

What are the side effects of Lovegra oral jelly 100 mg?

In lower doses of Lovegra oral jelly 100mg, common side effects appear in women's bodies. These side effects are flushing, headache, back pain, myalgia, dyspepsia, abnormal vision, changes in color vision, nasal congestion, nausea, and rashes.

Symptoms of rare side effects

Sometimes rare side effects appear on the female body due to higher doses or any other medical problems. The symptoms of rare side effects are sudden loss of vision, sudden deafness, heart attack, stroke, and irregular heartbeats. When you feel the symptoms of rare side effects, consult with a doctor immediately.

Precautions and warning before taking Lovegra oral jelly

  • If you have cardiovascular disorder, consult with a doctor before taking it.

  • Women who are suffering from NAION (non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy) can avoid Lovegra oral jelly.

  • Don’t consume this drug if you are taking alpha-blockers and anti-hypertensives.

  • Women who have ever had a stroke, high blood pressure, vision problem, hearing problem, liver disorders, kidney disorders, and are allergic to sildenafil drugs can avoid this drug or consult with a doctor before taking it.

How to store Lovegra oral jelly 100 mg?

You can store Lovegra oral jelly at room temperature from 30 to 35 degrees Celsius.


Can women take it during pregnancy?

It is not recommended for use by pregnant women.

When should I take Lovegra oral jelly 100 mg?

Lovegra oral jelly starts taking its effects after 30 minutes of its consumption. So, it should be taken 30 to 45 minutes before sexual activity.

Can I take alcoholic beverages after taking Lovegra oral jelly 100 mg?

Alcohol consumption can decrease blood pressure and you may feel dizziness during sexual activity. It's better to avoid it.


Manufacturer Ajanta Pharma Ltd
Composition Sildenafil Citrate
Package Sachet/s
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