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Tadaga Power 80 mg is from the PDE-5 inhibiting class of pills for curing ED or sexual impotence problems. Using this pill will increase the flow of blood in the penis tissues to give you a hardened effect on the penis.

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About Tadaga Power 80 mg

Tadaga Power 80 mg is a PDE-5 inhibitor that treats erectile dysfunction or sexual impotence. This pill increases the flow of blood in the penis tissues, causing the penis to harden. The tablets are both safe to use and efficient in treating impotence and disorders associated with PDE5 inhibitors.

Usages of the Tadaga Power 

  • It is used to cure erectile dysfunction in adult men. 

  • This medication enhances blood flow to the prostate and bladder while also relaxing the muscles in these areas. As a result, it facilitates the passage of urine.

How does Tadaga Power 80mg work?

Tadaga Power 80mg works by enlarging the blood vessels in the penis area, which relaxes the muscles. It increases blood flow to the penis, which causes it to erect. The tablet strip or tablet box contains the necessary information about its duration. Tadalafil, the main component of Tadaga Power 80mg (generic cialis), inhibits the activity of a molecule in the body called phosphodiesterase type 80. It causes constriction of the blood vessels in the penis. Therefore, by inhibiting the action of this chemical, tadalafil helps in enlarging the blood vessels of the part and therefore influences the muscles of the penis to get erect.

Tadaga: Directions for use 

Tadaga tablets should only be taken with water. This drug should be used at least 30-45 minutes before sexual intercourse; and the effects of this medication can last for nearly 36 hours. Tadalafil pills operate along with sexual stimulation to help you obtain an erection. We strongly advise you to contact your healthcare physician to establish which dose is best for you.

Proper Dosages 

If prescribed 80 mg of pills for erectile dysfunction, use them before sexual activity. They are not intended for frequent, daily use. You should take it for half an hour before going to bed, and you should never take more than one pill in 24 hours. A single pill can have an influence that lasts up to 36 hours.

Missed Dosage 

The favorable effects of the medicine can only be visible if you take the Tadaga Power 80 mg capsules consistently over time.

If you continue to miss your dosages, the effects of generic Tadalafil may be less obvious in your body.


If you have an overdose of the medicine, contact your doctor right away and strictly follow the recommendations.

Side Effects of Tadaga Power 

The most common major side effects are listed below:

  • a light-headed feeling

  • a prolonged erection which can damage the penis.

  • vision changes, vision loss, ringing in your ears, sudden hearing loss, or heart attack symptoms

  • chest pain or pressure, pain spreading to the jaw or shoulder, and nausea.

  • sweating

When not to use this medicine 

You should not use Tadaga power on various occasions, as it increases your chances of experiencing the worst adverse effects.

These instances include: 

  • when you are suffering from severe cases of an illness and must take any forbidden medication.

  • When you are extremely addicted to daily alcohol and drug use,

  • Patients who are inherently allergic to the tablets must avoid them and seek alternative treatments.

  • If you have allergies,

  • If you're taking any form of nitroglycerin,

  • If you had a heart attack, stroke, severe high or low blood pressure, or life-threatening heart irregularities,.

Keep in mind that it is not suitable for those with sickle cell anemia, multiple myeloma, or leukemia. Seek medical attention if you have genital deformities such as Peyronie's disease, a bleeding condition, a peptic ulcer, or retinitis pigmentosa.

How to store this medicine? 

Do not store it in the refrigerator unless specifically requested. It is best stored at room temperature. Keep it away from direct sunlight and dampness.


What is the Tadaga Power 80mg Tablet?

Tadaga Power 80mg is a medicine for erectile dysfunction that contains Tadalafil.

How does it work?

It relaxes blood vessels, which increases blood flow to the penis.

Are there any side effects?

Possible adverse effects include headaches, flushing, and stomach trouble.

Can it be taken with food?

Yes, but high-fat meals may slow its effectiveness.


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