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Tastylia 20 mg is medicine that contains Tadalafil and is commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) in men.

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What is the medication for?

Tastylia 20 mg is a medication containing Tadalafil, utilized for addressing erectile dysfunction (ED) in adult men. Notably, it is distinctive due to its presentation as a disintegrating oral strip that dissolves in the mouth, offering a user-friendly and convenient administration method.

Use of the medication

Tastylia 20 mg tablet is prescribed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED), a condition characterized by the inability to achieve or sustain a penile erection suitable for sexual activity.


It functions by enhancing blood circulation to the penis, aiding in the attainment and retention of an erection when sexually stimulated.

How to use Tastylia 20 mg?

Place the strip on the tongue and let it dissolve without requiring water. The maximum advised dose is one strip per day. Adhering to your doctor’s guidance is crucial, and it is essential not to surpass the recommended dosage.


Typically, the suggested initial dosage of Tastylia 20mg involves the intake of one oral strip approximately 15-30 minutes before engaging in sexual activity.

Side effects

While not universal, a Tastylia 20 mg tablet can lead to side effects. Common ones may encompass headache, dizziness, facial flushing, nasal congestion, indigestion, and back pain. Typically, these effects are mild and transient; however, if they endure or worsen, it is advisable to seek guidance from your healthcare provider.


Before using Tastylia 20 mg, disclose your medical history, allergies, and current medications to your healthcare provider. Avoid Tastylia 20 mg tablets if allergic to Tadalafil or its components. It is not for women, children, or adolescents under 18. Do not combine with other erectile dysfunction medications to prevent a drop in blood pressure. Do not use if you have severe liver or kidney disease, heart issues, uncontrolled high blood pressure, recent stroke or heart attack history. Use cautiously if priapism history. Seek immediate medical help if an erection lasts over 4 hours.

Missed dosage

In the event of a missed dose, take it as soon as you recall. If it's close to your next planned dose, forgo the missed one and return to your usual schedule. Refrain from taking two doses at once or additional doses. Seek advice from your doctor before making any changes to or stopping the medication.

Drug interaction

Tastylia 20mg can interact with specific medications like nitrates, alpha-blockers, antihypertensive drugs, and other erectile dysfunction treatments, potentially leading to a hazardous drop in blood pressure. 


Please store Tastylia 20mg at room temperature, ideally between 15-30°C. It is recommended to keep the medication in an airtight container to maintain its stability and effectiveness.


Q1. How long does Tastylia 20 mg have an effect?

Ans: Tastylia 20mg's effects can linger up to 36 hours, longer than those of other erectile dysfunction drugs.

Q2. Can someone with diabetes or high blood pressure take Tastylia 20 mg? 

Ans: People with diabetes or high blood pressure can use Tastylia 20mg, but they should use it carefully and under a doctor's supervision. It's critical to routinely check your blood pressure and blood sugar levels and to let your doctor know if anything changes.

Q3. Can I break up or crush the Tastylia 20 mg strips?

Ans: No, splitting or crushing Tastylia 20mg strips is not recommended. The strips are meant to be consumed in their whole body and disintegrate in the mouth. The medicine's safety and effectiveness may change if its form is changed.

Details about the manufacturer (in Short)

Healing Pharma India Pvt Ltd (HPIPL) is a contract-based pharmaceutical company established in 2018, providing comprehensive services from drug discovery to medication production. The company manufactures and exports a range of products, including generic medicines, cosmetics, herbal, hormonal, and nutraceutical preparations.


Manufacturer Healing Pharma
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